'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Stolen Kisses'

Turns out that bag of bills stuffed into Ezra's sock drawer wasn't the only thing he was keeping from lady love Aria. Thanks to a visit from mummy dearest, we learned that Ezra's family is not hurting for money and that the aspiring writer's real surname is "Fitzgerald," shortened for pen name purposes. Apparently the former English professor has never heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But Aria shouldn't feel too bad because Ezra was lying to his mother too. He told her that he and Aria only began dating after he left Rosewood High. And as awkward as meeting the parents can be, Mrs. Fitzgerald was mostly polite, inviting Aria and Ezra to the Osgood Museum Foundation benefit—an invitation Aria accepted on their behalf.

Meanwhile, with Emily's blessing, Spencer was working to figure out the password for Maya's website. Finally deciding she'd need help, she enlisted recently returned Caleb (clad in a $400 sweater and driving a very expensive-looking sports car) to crack the code. He agreed, saying he'd do anything to "crush the Mona monster."

Hanna had other things to worry about besides her former BF, namely that the board at Radley was considering sending Mona to a different facility in Saratoga, New York. She pleaded with Wren to use his powers of persuasion to sway the board, but to no avail. Mona was upstate bound.

Emily spent much of the episode revisting her and Maya's lakeside haunt, with cousin Nate in tow. But she did make time to catch up with Paige, who had been seemingly avoiding her since the drugged flask incident. But, as you'd expect from "Pretty Little Liars," there was more to the story. Indeed, the night Emily went missing she had turned up at Paige's door, and Paige took advantage of the situation by kissing her. But when Paige went to get Emily a glass of water, she vanished. Apparently Emily visited with nearly every Rosewood resident that night! But with Nate's help, Emily realized she went to Paige's house that night for a reason: because she was looking for someone. For Paige. She told her gal pal as much, and the two kissed and swam the night away. Adorbs.

In between hacking sessions, Spencer uncovered her mom's briefcase and with Aria's help, took snaps of the paperwork in Maya's murder case. One name in particular on the witness list stood out: Bart Comstock. (It helped that Mrs. Hastings had the annotation "Break him" in the margin.) With an address in Rosewood, Aria volunteered to chat him up. Now, I'm not sure how Aria steered the conversation towards Maya without it feeling incredibly creepy, but cut to several minutes later when the theater employee admitted to seeing Maya get into a cop car (Garrett's cop car) the night of the murder.

With Caleb's help, Spencer was finally able to get into Maya's website (MayaSpace...very clever), and it was chock full of videos and pics. In the final video the girls watched, Maya could be seen in a dark lot somewhere, confessing that she needed to face her fears. And was it just me or did anyone else notice a brief strobe, like a siren light?

Sleuthing complete, Aria headed to the museum benefit with Ezra, but it didn't take long for his mother's true colors (and motivations) to come out. She was sure Aria was ruining Ezra's life and offered financial compensation for her to end the relationship. Aria harrumphed out of there, wondering if she did indeed mess up everyone's lives. In a very nice moment with dad Byron, he insisted that anyone would be better for knowing her. Awww.

Meanwhile at Radley, Hanna delivered a passionless speech littered with $10 words as to why Mona needed to stay in Rosewood. But when she finally cut the crap and spoke from the heart, her plea seemed to speak to the physicians because they decided to let Mona stay. Hanna was so excited that she kissed Wren! We're going to keep a close eye on this possible development...

What did you think of last night's episode? Do you think Ezra's hiding more secrets? Do you like Emily and Paige together? What do you think Maya's website will reveal? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!