Selena Gomez Adds 'Parental Guidance Suggested' To Busy Film Slate

Selena GomezA lot of teen stars fade into obscurity as they cross over into adulthood (that is, if they don't flame out in a dignity-incinerating inferno of sex tapes, drug rumors, and last-ditch desperate work in Lifetime Original Movies), but here's one girl whose career isn't slowing down: Selena Gomez has just scored yet another starring role in an upcoming film, this time in the indie comedy "Parental Guidance Suggested."

The Hollywood Reporter has the dish that Selena will headline the movie, in which she plays the unattainable crush of co-star Nat Wolff. (Selena's character will, of course, start out the film in a relationship with a wholly unsuitable jerkbag—but we're guessing that Nat will get the girl by the time the credits roll.)

This is just the latest buzz for Selena, whose name has been cropping up on the regular as she attaches herself to one great role after another. And while "Parental Guidance Suggested" sounds especially fun, we'll be able to see its leading lady in about a million movies before it hits theaters. Check out the current list of her projects-in-the-works:

+ "Spring Breakers": Leaked pics from the set have already left little doubt that Selena is all grown up, but her performance as a wild child (and bikini-clad felon) in this movie should be the last nail in the coffin for her teenybopper days.

+ "Hotel Transylvania": You can't see her, but that'll be Selena's voice coming out of the main character's mouth in this spooky animated film.

+ "13 Reasons Why": Production hasn't begun on this yet, but Selena is in for the role of the gone-but-not-forgotten Hannah Baker in this film adaptation of Jay Asher's bestselling book.

+ "Aftershock": It's just a cameo, but every young actress needs a screamy/scary role in a thriller under her belt; Selena picked a movie about earthquakes for her first foray into the genre.

+ "The Getaway": Aaaaaand... action! Selena is is currently at work on this high-octane flick alongside Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight, about which not much is known just yet, but in which we hope very much to see her punch someone in the face, just because.

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