'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Is Shay Mitchell's 'Favorite Episode Thus Far'

If there’s one thing we like more than watching our "Pretty Little Liars" from week to week, it’s getting the opportunity to chat with them about their characters and the ridiculously entertaining twists and turns in the show. The latest tidbits gleaned from cast members indicate more twists and turns and Mona wreaking havoc, as well as general good vibes and camaraderie among the actors in the cast.

Just before MTV News caught up with star Shay Mitchell recently, her co-star Ian Harding let it slip that he enjoys giving Shay a hard time about her steamy scenes and vice versa, so naturally we had to ask for her thoughts on the subject.

"He does [harass me]. We have a little love-hate relationship on set,” Shay said with a smile. “It’s more love than hate. But we joke around quite a bit because we’re both very sarcastic.”

Love/hate relations aside, what can we be excited to see toward the end of this season?

"We actually just finished the season finale, and that is my favorite episode thus far," she admitted. "So I just have to tell you that it’s going to be absolutely insane, and I’m so excited for everybody to see it."

Based on what we know about season finales (i.e. cliffhangers and shocking revelations) we asked Shay if anyone will be hurt, either physically or emotionally.

"I don’t know. I mean, it's Rosewood, anything can happen, right?" she said with a laugh, before adding that we'll see Emily continue to go through the turmoil of losing Maya.

What are your predictions for the summer finale? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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