Even More 'Breaking Dawn' Character Art

It's a while yet before we'll be feasting our hungry eyes on the final film in "The Twilight Saga," but there's plenty of good stuff to gaze upon in the meantime—not least the just-updated gallery of character art for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2." The roster had already been nicely filled out with the Cullens-at-large and a few good random vamps (including the obscure, far-flung clan members who'll be making their first and last appearance in the upcoming film), but the latest additions are the folks who need no introduction: Edward, Bella and Jacob!

The big three are officially in the big online book of "Breaking Dawn" glamour shots, with Edward looking typically emo and tortured, Bella looking mighty fine in her new undead state...and Jacob looking maybe just a little out-of-place now that he's the only warm-bodied guy in a gallery full of bloodsuckers. (Compared to the alabaster skin and glowing eyeballs of the vampire cast, his character shot looks like a yearbook photo.) And since you'll be expected to know the names of every single one of these folks—and yes, we are going to quiz you—now might be a good time to click through to the full suite of photos and start coming up with mnemonic devices to jog your memory come November.

What do you think of the latest shots to join the "Breaking Dawn" gallery?

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