‘Girls’ Gets Big (As In Mr. Big)

When “Girls” debuted earlier this year, there was no shortage of breathless internet chatter dubbing the HBO series the post-modern “Sex and the City” for the hipster set. (To be fair, we were among the guilty.) And despite the series’ marked differences, it was a comparison creator Lena Dunham never fully shied away from. In fact, in the very first episode, lovable virgin Shoshanna declared her adoration for Manhattan’s most famous gal pals explaining, “I think I’m definitely a Carrie at heart, but sometimes Samantha kind of comes out…” So does that make Ray the new Mr. Big? Not so fast…

…Because it looks like the dapper don himself may be making a stop on the hit drama. Writer/executive producer Jenni Konner tweeted a photo of herself, Lena and Big alter-ego Christopher Noth with the message “Spoiler alert?” Now, Mr. Noth is a bit out of the dating age range for Hannah and her three friends (or is he?), but perhaps he’s playing someone’s dad or boss? Or maybe he just happened by the set as “Girls” films its second season and agreed to a photo op? I mean, you can’t really consider yourself a true New Yorker until you’ve had a Chris Noth sighting (he’s everywhere!), so it’s not out of the question that this is all just a lovely coincidence.

Whatever the case, we already know the identities of a few gentlemen joining the cast for the upcoming season. Hunky Patrick Wilson has signed on to play a doctor and potential love interest for Hannah. Then there’s “Community” star Donald Glover, who sent his own mysterious tweet before Lena confirmed he would play a part in season two.

And so it seems the Girls will once again have plenty of boy drama on their Ikea plates…

Are you hoping Chris Noth makes an appearance on “Girls”? If so, what sort of character do you think he should play? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!