Ryan Lochte Wins Gold, Wears Grill

Ryan Lochte

by Ashleigh Schmitz

Arguably our favorite Olympian of 2012, Ryan Lochte has graced us with more than just his chiseled physique in London. By the end of day two, he's responsible for a pair of team USA's medals, including the gold for Saturday's 400 IM.

Lochte started his London Olympics in winning style—with a gold medal. In the 400 IM, which he dove into alongside Michael Phelps, Lochte proved victorious and gave us another American hero in the Olympic pool.

And then we saw his sense of humor during his gold medal ceremony Saturday night. He wore his diamond grill, designed after the American flag. After beating Michael Phelps in his first Olympic event in London, the 27 year-old tried to flash his personal homage to old glory while on the podium before getting shot down by an IOC official. Apparently, diamonds on the teeth means no gold around the neck (until he took it off, that is).

Yesterday he anchored the 400 freestyle relay (following Olympic hotties Nathan Adrian, Michael Phelps and Cullen Jones) to a disappointing end. His leg ultimately earned team USA a silver medal, with gold going to France in the next lane. We're sure this set back won't keep Lochte from winning more gold for team USA.

Up next, Lochte will swim in today's 200 freestyle, Tuesday's 4 x 200 freestyle relay and Thursday's 200 IM. He is also set to qualify for the 200 backstroke, which has preliminaries on Wednesday followed by the final on Thursday. With such a packed schedule, it would take a swimmer of Michael-Phelps-in-Bejing-like esteem to not just medal, but gold medal in each of these events. Consider us solidly Team Lochte.

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