5 Things To Do Before Seeing 'Step Up Revolution'

Step Up Revolutionby Jessica Marshall

The very mention of "Step Up Revolution" makes us feel like dancing. And we're not talking about a nice wholesome waltz. We're talking about the butt-shaking, hip-swinging, foot-stomping, back-flipping brand of dancing that could potentially get you arrested if performed in a public place.

The fourth film in the successful "Step Up" franchise—which introduced the world to the many, many talents of one Channing Tatum ("Step Up" and "Step Up 2: The Streets") and the true value of dance in three dimensions ("Step Up 3D")—has kicked it up a notch. This time around, Miami plays host to a group of talented dance mobbers who use their energetic ensemble dancing to make a statement when a ruthless developer rolls into town and threatens to bulldoze their community. "So You Think You Can Dance" alum Kathryn McCormick stars alongside newcomer Ryan Guzman and veteran actor Peter Gallagher in this dance-tastic film hitting theaters this week.

So before you bump, krump, pirouette or even lindy hop (if that's yo' thing) your way to the theater, brush up those sick moves first. Here are five things to do before seeing "Step Up Revolution":

Host a "Step Up" marathon

There's a reason they've made a fourth movie. Because the first three were dance-tastic. So in preparation for your trip to the theater for "Revolution," gather your own dance crew for an in-home screening of "Step Up," "Step Up 2: The Streets" and "Step Up 3D." But make sure you clear all couches, coffee tables and house plants out of the way first.

Watch "So You Think You Can Dance"

Since the talents of "SYTYCD" alums Kathryn McCormick (starring) and Travis Wall (choreography) are heavily featured in this film, it only makes sense to prepare for it by watching the hit dance competition on FOX from whence they came. Now in its ninth season, the show pits talented dancers against each other, testing their skills across a wide range of dancing disciplines in each episode. Dancers are eliminated almost every week by audience votes and every season ends with an ultimate dance-off. But if you already knew that, you also know that the dancing is tremendous—which means you can expect to see more of that in "Step Up Revolution."

Take a dance lesson

If you're going to watch dancing, you might as well learn a few tricks. Take a hip-hop class at a local dance or fitness studio. You'll get a great workout, and you'll be primed to recognize some of the sick moves you'll see on the big screen. And who knows, one dance class could turn into many, and this could be the start of something wonderful. Maybe we'll see you on "SYTYCD" down the road.

Go clubbing in Miami

South Beach's famous Ocean Drive serves as the backdrop for one of the more epic dance mob scenes in the film. In real life, the trendy Miami Beach neighborhood plays host to some of the hottest nightclubs in the country, where dancing your butt off all night is practically a requirement for entry. But the real experience here will be your exposure to the unique and colorful culture of Miami, which plays a central role in "Step Up Revolution."

Join a flash mob

Spontaneously bursting out into dance in a public place? Making a public spectacle? Yes please! The concept of the flash mob—loosely defined as a planned spontaneous outbreak of a group activity in a public place—absolutely takes center stage in "Step Up Revolution." Whether it's hundreds of people suddenly freezing in place in New York's Grand Central Terminal, dozens of a cappella singers bursting out in song at Heathrow airport or just a bunch of people riding the subway without pants (the infamous annual "No Pants Subway Ride"), flash mobs aren't easily forgettable. Which is why the dance crew in "Step Up Revolution" is so dedicated to the cause. To get the full effect, join a flash mob, or more specifically, a dance mob. There are hundreds of websites, forums and social media campaigns out there that provide info on planned flash mobs in a given metro area. A good place to start? Flash Mob America on MeetUp. And if you don't feel like joining one, you can just watch one of the gazillions of flash mob videos out there circulating the interwebs.

Watch the opening dance sequence from "Step Up Revolution"!

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