'Vampire Diaries' Stars Preview Return Of Elena's Compelled-Away Memories

Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the season three finale of "The Vampire Diaries"!

One of the lingering-est of lingering questions following "The Vampire Diaries" season three finale was how Elena's transformation into a bloodsucker would affect her relationships with Damon and Stefan and, more specifically, whether all of her compelled-away memories (including Damon's declarations of love) would return. After all, according to "Vampire Diaries" mythos, compelling effects wear off once one's a vamper.

It's a question we posed to stars Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley when we caught up with them at this year's Comic-Con.

"Elena, luckily, hasn't been compelled too many times, but she definitely has been compelled," Nina explained. "And of course when you become a vampire, all your human compelled memories come back."

Ian and Paul then engaged in a debate as to whether Stefan had ever compelled Elena. "I respect her too much," Paul said cheekily.

"Damon certainly has," Ian said.

"You just play with her like she's a toy," Paul replied.

"She is a toy," Ian smirked. "Ultimately those things are going to come rushing back. There's a great line in the episode that you'll see that he kind of calls her on it."

"That's ambiguous," Paul interjected.

"It's a win moment for Damon," Ian continued. "He calls her on it. He knows what's going to happen."

Now if only we did...

"The Vampire Diaries" fourth season premieres October 11.

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