Ashley Greene On Filming 'Apparition': 'It Was A Dark Time'

"The Twilight Saga" might be coming to an end this year, but don't expect the Cullens to shy away from the Hollywood sun when it's over... and particularly not the lovely Ashley Greene, who's parlayed her performance as Edward's psychic sister into a booming career full of role that are a lot more "leading" than "supporting." And in the pages of August's Nylon magazine, the actress is opening up about what's next for her—from headlining the haunted house thriller "The Apparition" to ignoring any suggestions that she'll be post-"Twilight" typecast.

And about that last thing: no, she really doesn't see it happening.

"It's not like, 'Oh, you're the quirky best friend-slash-sister,'" she said. "There's no stereotype with Alice. And she doesn't really look anything like me, with the pixie cut and the white makeup. So to be put in a box, I'd kind of have to do it myself. And I'm not going to do that."

Indeed, Ashley's next project might just give her a totally different sort of status: Scream Queen! "The Apparition" will hit theaters in late August, marking her first foray into purely scary cinematic territory. And according to Ashley, her role as the victim of a malevolent haunting was a much tougher challenge for her than playing the upbeat Alice—especially since she doesn't believe in ghosts.

"That was one of the more difficult aspects, because I try to make everything as realistic as possible; I want to experience what the character is experiencing," she explained. "So to make myself believe there was something after was a dark time."

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