'Bachelorette' Trailer: Rebel Wilson Engages The Enemy

BacheloretteEver since she stole the show with her all-too-brief appearance as a not-too-bright roommate in "Bridesmaids," we've been dying to see more of Aussie actress Rebel Wilson on the big screen—and now might be the time to start writing a nice little thank-you note to Hollywood for reading our damn minds. Because P.S., she's slated for not one, but two major roles in films releasing this fall.

While we've already talked up her appearance in October's "Pitch Perfect," it's the hilarious mean-girls-grown-up comedy "Bachelorette," about a trio of female jerks who get tapped to serve as bridesmaids in the wedding of a girl they once tormented, that you should keep your eye on; the trailer is out, and it'll be the first of Rebel's films to hit theaters this fall.

Is there anything we don't love about this? Erm, no. Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher make absolutely beautiful bitches. Adam Scott and James Marsden look marvelous as badly behaved bros. Lizzy Caplan, who we loved in "Mean Girls," has made the leap from high school obscurity to become a member of the adult Plastics! And Rebel is even showing a little range, getting to work out her more serious side as the straight lady to her snarky compatriots. And with the film (and its writer, the brilliant newcomer Leslye Headland) coming straight off a much-buzzed-about turn at Sundance, we're thinking that "Bachelorette" might just be the darker, dirtier, smarter successor to the lady-driven "Bridesmaids" that we've all been waiting for.

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