Jena Malone Really, Officially Playing Johanna Mason In 'Catching Fire,' For Real

Jena MaloneAfter months of being teased and taunted by constant (and constantly evolving) rumors about who would play the role of Johanna Mason in "Catching Fire," we don't blame you if you're feeling just slightly fatigued by seeing another "Hunger Games" casting post come down the pike—but pay attention to this one, little superstars, because we now have an official word on the matter from the Big Daddy of casting news, the holiest of holies and the only source that can't turn around tomorrow and be all, "Just kidding!"

Yep, that's right: Lionsgate, the figurative fat lady in this pre-production opera, is singing loud and proud in our inboxes—and so it was that, on this 23rd day of July in the year 2012, Jena Malone officially stepped in to play the sometimes-nude, always-hardcore Hunger Games champion from District 7.

The news comes after no small amount of speculation and a half-dozen red herrings surrounding the coveted role, but with Jena having been in the mix for weeks as a rumored contender, we've already established that her fierce acting abilities and self-evident butt-kicking skills will make her right at home in the hotly anticipated sequel to "The Hunger Games." And now that that nonsense is finally done, we can return to our regularly scheduled rumor-mongering. Did you guys hear that Michael Cera is in final talks to play Finnick Odair?! ...Just kidding. It's actually Danny Devito. NO FOR REAL.

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