POLL: Which Catwoman Costume Does Our Favorite Heroine Justice?

There are only a few short days left before "The Dark Knight Rises" finds its way to a theater near you... But before we collapse into a heaving, quivering mass of fangirl jelly at the thrill of finally seeing Gotham and its vigilante superstar back in their IMAX glory—OMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO EPIC AAAAGH—let's talk about something else we're super-psyched to see that's at last getting some screen time in Christopher Nolan's amazing Batman story: Catwoman, and, of course, her cat suit.

The crazy cat lady who our batty superhero loves to hate (and hates to looooove!) has seen her way on screen in six different iterations, from Eartha Kitt's dulcet-voiced feline in the 1966 TV series to Halle Berry's bondage-chic anti-heroine in the 2004 "Catwoman" feature film. And with Anne Hathaway about to make her debut in the catty "Dark Knight Rises" getup, it's time to turn a critical eye toward the style sensibilities of these very different Catwomen, from the vintage vixens to the modern action stars. So, take a look at our gallery and then tell us: Whose costume makes you purr?