'Glee' Stars Talk Series' New Direction

With New Directions stars Rachel, Finn and Kurt gradated and headed into the real world, it's time for incoming seniors Artie, Tina and Blaine to truly take center stage. Or so they hope. "We're seniors now, "Glee" star Kevin McHale enthused during MTV News' Comic-Con live stream. "We rule the school... Hopefully."

Kevin, along with co-stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Darren Criss, sat down with our own Josh Horowitz to jabber a bit about their musical series' upcoming fourth season, which finds some characters headed to New York and some staying put in Lima, Ohio. But what exactly will this brave new world look like?

"It's definitely a new structure in a way, but it's still the same old 'Glee' because you still have the choir room," Kevin said. "It's just in addition you're going to have all the kids who graduated and you're going to see New York a lot and all that going on."

Pressed whether each episode will focus on a different locale or switch back and forth, Kevin confirmed that to his understanding, every episode "will have everything."

In addition to new settings, "Glee" will welcome a few fresh faces when the series returns September 13. Blond beauties Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will have cameo roles as Kurt's and Rachel's mentors.

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