Miley Cyrus Goes For The Gold...Hair

Maybe she was feeling nostalgic for her "Hannah Montana" wig-wearing days, or maybe it's for her upcoming wedding to Liam Hemsworth, but Miley Cyrus is definitely lightening things up above the shoulders! The star tweeted out a selfie this weekend, showing that she'd bleached her trademark chestnut-brown locks to a shimmery, sunny, sophisticated blond.

"Now that I'm blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo," she wrote, just above a pouty pic taken in transit—looks like she's in the back of a limo, maybe?—with both the aforementioned blond hair and duck lips in full evidence. (But, um, Miley? You know that you don't actually have to give the duck lips in every photo, right? Like, if you wanted to not give the duck lips, it would be okay. Desirable, even. In fact, please just promise right now that you'll skip the quacker in at least every third picture, because it's kind of freaking us out.)

And that's it, really; there's no further exposition from Miley on what spurred the decision to go blond, or whether she's having more fun (which, as we all know, is a thing that blonds are supposed to do.) But whether it's a temporary just-for-funzies thing or a permanent change to go with her recent turn toward a more sophisticated style, fans seem to approve wholeheartedly of this updated look. And the new hair is definitely way pretty. Right?

...Right? Tell us what you think of Miley's new look in the comments!