'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'That Girl Is Poison'

It's hard to determine which aspect of last night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" was more shocking: Jenna revealing to the entire school that she has her sight back or Hanna bumming around in—gasp!—sweat pants. Clearly there's much we need to discuss from "That Girl Is Poison." Cue the Bell Biv Davoe and let's dive in!

Yes, Jenna decided that she would be the arbiter of her own destiny and arrived at school singing the delayed success of the summer surgery that restored her sight. And just in time! Because it's her birthday, and she's throwing herself a party. A party everyone was seemingly invited to, including, rather randomly, old teach Ezra.

In other health-related developments, Garrett's mom was wheeled away from her house and into a waiting ambulance—she's in a coma. As the paramedics tended to Mama Reynolds, Aria spied a hooded figure standing on the lawn watching. He/she disappeared quickly, but the liars couldn't help but wonder whether A had orchestrated the whole thing to get Mrs. Reynolds out of her house for some nefarious purpose. The medical emergency also had the unexpected result of releasing Garrett from prison—only temporarily, of course, to visit his ailing mother.

Emily's one-time flame Paige was back in the picture last night, as the two set a date to go see Katy Perry's new movie. But, alas, the "Firework"s would have to wait as Em was recruited to cater waiter Jenna's fete. However, that didn't stop Paige from taking a swig of giggle juice from Em's flask.

Aria also decided that her attendance at the bash was mandatory so she could suss out some info about the increasingly mysterious Lucas (who was apparently fired from his photo assistant job). And as luck would have it, Aria apparently has a secret photography hobby we never knew about! Ezra even spent money he seemingly didn't have to buy her a vintage camera.

Hanna, still bummed about her split from Caleb, decided to skip school, which earned her a long shift at the church rummage sale.(Thanks, mom!) While sorting, she stumbled upon Em's jacket FROM THAT NIGHT. The one that was supposedly burned after the girls found her alone in the graveyard. What is going on?!

At the party, Maya's cousin was getting friendly with Jenna, and Paige was getting super-friendly with a platter of cupcakes (a girl after my own heart). Despite drinking very little alcohol, Paige was hammered and ended up stumbling into a pillar, leaving a gnarly gash. Em left to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Aria snuck in the back to sabotage her photography mentor's equipment so that she'd have an excuse to go to the studio alone. Poor (well, not so poor as he got a new job) Ezra was left tagging alone. All he wanted was dinner! No matter because Aria's planned worked, and she was soon in the studio under the guise of retrieving new memory cards. She found Lucas' stuff (including several rolls of negatives) and left with it—only to be confronted by Lucas outside. CREEPY. Ezra swept in in his sedan to escort Aria back to the bash.

As Paige got patched up at the hospital, her toxicology report revealed something alarming: She had been drugged with a sleeping pill! It clearly came from Emily's flask, which explains why Em couldn't remember much from her joyride with Jenna and excursion to the cemetery. And things got even more disturbing, because what did Aria find in Lucas' camera bag, but several of the blue capsules!

Also uncovered at the hospital? A note from Garrett tucked into his mom's medical bracelet. It reads: "April Rose has the proof." The proof of what!?

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