Andrew Jenks Is Writing A Book, And We've Got The EXCLUSIVE!

Andrew JenksWhether you're fascinated by his career as an up-and-coming documentary filmmaker, or you just love his devil-may-care smile and pretty pretty hair, any and all Andrew Jenks fans will want to put on their party pants for this little bit of news—'cause Hollywood Crush, and only Hollywood Crush, has just received the EXCLUSIVE dish on his next project. And nope, it's not a movie; Jenks is putting down the camera and picking up a pen to write his autobiography, coming in spring of next year.

Jenks fans (Jenkmeisters? Jenkians? Followers of the Way of the Jenk?) will be thrilled to learn that the feisty documentarian and the star of our own "World of Jenks" MTV original series has teamed up with Scholastic to tell the amazing story of his rise to filmmaking fame—and take readers back along the peculiar paths he's traveled, camera in hand, to capture the overlooked and unstudied characters who lurk in the dark corners of contemporary culture.

The book, "Andrew Jenks: My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker," promises fascinating stories and moving anecdotes about Jenks' experiences both here and abroad, as well as original artifacts and photos. And if you want your own copy, then make sure to mark your calendar for the coming year; the autobiography hits shelves in March 2013.

Are you all jenked up about this new book from Andrew?Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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