Taylor Kitsch On 'Savages' Full Frontal Scene That Almost Was

by Madeline Zeppa

There are only so many times you can go see "Magic Mike" for your movie eye candy fix. Whether you’re into blood or violence, the movie "Savages" can still satisfy that need to watch some sexy men for a couple of hours. Considering what you may have seen in the film's trailer, you'd probably expect to see a whole lot of Blake Lively in this film since her character is in a relationship with two of the men however, it’s the other way around.

"I was pitching full frontal, long, slow-motion shots but Oliver didn’t want it," Taylor Kitsch told MTV News as he joked about the onscreen nudity. “No, I mean it’s all part of it. Look, the movie's called 'Savages,' it's directed by Oliver Stone. I think we got away with just that, considering what this could have, you know, been. It’s all part of it, you sign up for it."

We’re feeling full frontal nudity would have been a little too much, but we definitely don’t mind seeing a little bit of muscle to brighten up the mood of the story! Truth be told, you can definitely expect to see more half-naked men than half-naked women, along with a lot of action and suspense, of course.

“Even the violence, you know, I mean as violence goes, I thought it was pretty well done," John Travolta added on dealing with the violent scenes in the film. "Because [in watching] that opening scene I thought, 'Oh no,' I can’t watch this, but then it became OK.”

“Or the imagination too, which is what I loved about it, which can hit you harder.” Taylor added.

If you’re looking for an action-packed summer movie or just searching for more men to swoon over with your friends, "Savages" fits the bill, though be prepared for some serious onscreen violence. The film earns its R rating and then some.

Will you be seeing "Savages"?