Why 'Amazing Spider-Man' Is The Most Romantic Superhero Movie Ever

Spider-ManTobey Maguire, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Andrew Garfield is the most romantic Spider-Man of all time!

Seriously, no disrespect to the old guard, but there's no doubt about it: "The Amazing Spider-Man" is the most romantic Spidey movie of them all, if not the most romantic superhero movie period. If you're a sucker for a good love story, trust me, go see "Amazing." It more than lives up to the title.

Keep reading for five reasons why the new Spider-flick is such a love fest!

When Peter Met Gwen: Step aside, Mary-Jane Watson. There's a new bombshell in town, and she goes by the name Gwen Stacy. The love between Peter Parker and Gwen works better here than it ever did between Pete and MJ in the Sam Raimi era: Unlike those two, Peter and Gwen trust and respect each other fully almost immediately. They're intellectual equals. They both know a thing or two about darkness. Peter even tells Gwen his superhero secret completely of his own accord, on their first real date no less! It's a fantastically functional relationship, the likes of which we haven't seen in a big budget blockbuster in quite some time.

When Peter Kissed Gwen: No, it's no upside-down kiss in the rain, but nothing was going to top that iconic imagery. Peter and Gwen's first kiss still sizzles, though, as he steals a smooch shortly after spinning her with webs and revealing his Spidey secret for the first time. It's a quieter moment than the infamous Tobey/Kirsten Dunst lip-lock, but arguably more romantic because it's not just someone kissing her masked fantasy man; it's Gwen fully accepting both Peter Parker the man, and Peter Parker the Spider-Man.

When Andrew Met Emma: You do know that the Peter-Gwen romance extends far beyond the movie, right? Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone started dating while shooting "Spider-Man," instantly becoming one of Hollywood's hottest and most genuine couples. Any movie that can bring those two lovebirds together has to be doing something right, right?

When Webb Met Webs: Off the screen, one of the big reasons why "Spider-Man" works as such a fantastic love story is director Marc Webb. The "(500) Days of Summer" filmmaker knows a thing or two about romance, obviously, and it shows in "Amazing." The film has terrific action and high-flying superhero antics, certainly, but it says a lot that those scenes pale in comparison to the smaller moments spent on Peter and Gwen. That's a testament not just to Andy and Emma, but Marc's sensibilities as a director.

When Spidey Lost Everything: Well, he hasn't lost everything—not yet. Fans of the "Spider-Man" comics know where the Peter-Gwen story goes, and when this "Amazing" new trilogy goes there, it's going to require a lot of Kleenex to get through. For now, enjoy the budding romance between Parker and Stacy while you can. They just might be the hottest couple in superhero movie history right now...but there is a storm coming, and it won't be pretty when it lands.

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