'Magic Mike': Ticket for One, Please…

by Meg Malone

"Magic Mike " hit theaters this weekend, chiseled abs ablazing. I made sure I was there opening day with some close friends: me, myself and I.

I had planned on going with a few gal pals to see Channing Tatum and the other men of Xquisite shake their money makers, however, I realized last minute that the only day I could go was Friday, when none of my cohorts were available. Not wanting to dash my plans, I just took myself on a date to the stripper flick.

But was seeing a movie about exotic dancers by myself something I should be embarrassed about? I was a bit worried about judgmental side glances leaving me unnerved throughout the movie. Then I remembered: automated ticket kiosks! Social obstacle conquered, I discreetly bought my ticket.

Did I mention it was an 11 a.m. show? The day was mine for the planning, and it’s not often I can take advantage of matinee pricing. Once inside, I carefully selected my seat—not creeping too close to anyone, but also not so removed that I would be that person lurking in the back of the theater, making everyone uncomfortable.

Being a weekday morning, it was a bit sparser than it must have been throughout the rest of opening weekend—after all, "Magic Mike" did make an impressive $39.2 million at the box office. I glanced around awkwardly to seek out my fellow single attendees. I should have worked to develop some sort of nod-code to let them know I was a kindred spirit. (But that in and of itself might have been weird too, I suppose...)

As soon as the movie began, though, I was transported to Tampa and I forgot I was alone or that it wasn’t even noon. My anonymous friends and I laughed together—at both intended jokes and with giddiness as the clothes came flying off. None of those insecurities mattered because I was having a blast with all these strangers.

Do I still want to see "Magic Mike" with my friends so we can experience it together? Of course, but I think in the mean time, I’ll start proposing more post-movie mixers for solo patrons to come together and celebrate how nothing will stop them from seeing the movie they want to see when they want to see it.

What are your thoughts on catching a flick solo? Ever done it? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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