'Catching Fire' Close To Casting Brutus?

Rumors are flying fast and furious today about the casting of "Catching Fire"—and because there is no "Hunger Games"-related tidbit we will not repeat, news upon which we will not jump, or gossip we will not goss, here's the latest: Victor Gojcaj, best known amongst cinema connoisseurs as "Hey It's That Guy From 'Unstoppable'!" is in the running for the role of returning tribute Brutus in "Catching Fire."

...What do you mean, "Who's Brutus?"


But in case the name doesn't ring any bells (Confession: we totally had to peek back through the books for a refresher, so ashamed), Brutus is the District 2 champion who eagerly returns to the arena for the Quarter Quell —and not 'cause he's hoping to help the revolution, either. And while Victor's prior acting experience isn't exactly diverse (so far, his oeuvre has been limited exclusively to Bad Guy On a Train), we still think he's the perfect pick to add a hint of genuine villainy to a film that needs some well-rounded baddies, particularly since he comes to Hollywood with a rich history of off-screen criminal shenanigans to complement his on-screen roles. As in, dude was an actual underworld felon before he was an actor. Can someone say "bad-ass"?

But, he'll reportedly have to face down "Lost" actor Kevin Durand for the role. So there's that.