Richelle Mead's 'Bloodlines' Novel, 'Indigo Spell,' Has A Cool Cover: Check It Out!

The Indigo Spell"The Golden Lily"—Richelle Mead's second "Bloodlines" novel following teen alchemist Sydney Sage and the vampires she's sworn to protect—hit bookstore shelves just two weeks ago, but we're already getting an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the cover for follow-up, "The Indigo Spell"!

The artwork for the third book in Richelle's best-selling series is all about the blues—in a totally aesthetically pleasing way. "It makes a little sense at the end of book two, but definitely for sure by book three," Richelle explained of the title when we spoke to her earlier this month in anticipation of "The Golden Lily."

Check out the full cover after the jump!

We'll keep things spoiler free for those of you who have yet to sink your teeth into "The Golden Lily" (and if that's you, what are you waiting for!?!), but if you want to read the first paragraph from "The Indigo Spell," be sure to visit the official "Bloodlines" Facebook page for a juicy teaser.

"The Indigo Spell" will be released on February 12, 2013.

What do you think of the cover for Richelle Mead's latest? Who do you think that is alongside Sydney and Adrian? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!