'Magic Mike' Star Joe Manganiello Sings 'Thong Song'

When it comes to complicated costumery, it's no surprise that the men of "Magic Mike" identified their teeny-tiny stripperman banana hammocks as the most problematic part of their on-set wardrobe. But even we've gotta admit, we didn't expect them to sing about it.

"Thong, th-thong thong thong!" trilled Joe Manganiello,, when MTV News' Kara Warner asked him, along with fellow "Magic Mike" actor Matt Bomer, which item of required clothing presented the biggest challenge. But with so many thongs to choose from (yes, that's right, the men appear onstage in MANY a butt-baring set of underpants, you're welcome), Matt and Joe went one step further to identify the one particular thong that gave both of them the willies. Which was it? Well, let's just say that the stars-and-stripes which bedecked these guys' respective, er, flagpoles in the Fourth of July dance scene had them both feeling less-than-patriotic.

"The American flag one, for me, was most problematic," said Matt.

And Joe agreed, "I'm gonna say that, mine, I think, was three sizes too small. A little tight up there."

Uh, yeah...we're gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, Joe; the ladies in the audience are unanimous, and that thong was exactly the right size. But props to both actors for getting into their man-panties, because—as Matt pointed out—it was no mean feat.

"All the holes were sort of the same size," Matt explained, "so in the dark, at five in the morning, the math is a little complicated."

And lest you start feeling too sorry for these guys (poor puppies! So uncomfy in their itty-bitty bulge-covers!), Joe also admitted that not all the thongs were a problem, saying, "My gold lamé thong, however, was actually quite comfortable!"

Which is lovely to hear! Because we'd like him to wear it the next time he comes by our studios. And nothing else. Cool? Thanks, dude; you're a champion.

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