'Catching Fire' Could Recruit Jena Malone

Jena MaloneWe just don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to the ongoing casting of "Catching Fire": First we heard that Zoe Aggeliki and Mia Wasikowska were perched right on the edge of the casting couch for the role of Johanna Mason, with Zoe maybe even being offered the role, like, yesterday. But now, Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive report that it's actually Jena Malone who's being seriously considered for the part of the tough and feisty District 7 tribute. And not only that, that Mia was a big red herring who was never in the running at all! UGH. Stop toying with us, "Catching Fire"!

But at the risk of getting all super-excited only to get our hopes dashed again: Jena Malone? Yes, please. She's a talented actress with a miles-long resume, and her past projects include everything from high drama to cheesy horror to hardcore action flicks. (You also might've seen her in the recent History Channel Old West gunfight-fest of "Hatfields and McCoys.") And if you're wondering how she'd fare in the arena, take note: After last year's "Sucker Punch," Jena is no stranger to busting heads...in thigh-high boots, a fishnet body suit and a leather corset, no less. Think she'll come on board for the "Hunger Games" sequel, where the killing wardrobe is a little less fashion and a little more function? Discuss!

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