Channing Tatum Snaps Glittery 'Magic Mike' Scene

We've been to more than a few junkets in our time, but we have to agree with Channing Tatum: We've never seen anything quite like this.

The "Magic Mike" star took a pic today of the presser for his upcoming stripper movie (out June 29). Zebra-striped linens, Michelangelo's David and a firefighter costumer were just a few pieces of this dirty tableau.

The flick follows up-and-coming stripper The Kid (played by Alexander Pettyfer) as he's mentored by veteran Magic Mike (played by Channing). The screenplay is loosely based on Channing's own experience as an exotic dancer.

MTV News was lucky enough to have Channing and co-star Matthew McConaughey stop by for a chat during our Sneak Peek Week leading up to the Movie Awards, and the actors revealed their co-stars weren't too worried about taking it all off.

"The first day of rehearsals, I looked at the guys and we went through our stuff, and I was like, 'All right. It's time to get naked, boys,'" Channing recalled. "And it was hilarious that none of them really balked."

And with that, Crushers, we wish you a happy weekend and Tweet Dreams of the steamy variety!

Are you excited for "Magic Mike"?