'Girls' Gains A Guy In Patrick Wilson


The newest addition to HBO's "Girls" may have Hannah forgetting all about her weird woodworking boyfriend. TV Line reports that "A Gifted Man" actor Patrick Wilson will join the series' second season as a doctor (and potential love interest), living next door to the would-be writer's office.

As you'll recall, Hannah and boyfriend Adam's fate was left uncertain at the end of the season one finale, in which Adam was sideswiped by a car while the two argued in the street. (Spoiler alert: Apparently Hannah does make it home from Coney Island. I was worried!)

Production's already begun on the series' second season, with "Community" star Donald Glover also slated for a guest-starring role. (Creator-writer-director Lena Dunham wouldn't spill the particulars of his part, though she did confirm the casting to TV Line.)

All of which is to say, "Girls" will be heavy with new boys next season. And this girl is totally fine with that.

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