Julianne Hough's Shades Go To The Dogs

What is Twitter for if not to share adorbs photos of your feisty four-legged friends? "Rock of Ages" starlet Julianne Hough did just that today, Tweeting a pic of her pooches in totally stylin' shades. (I mean, those white frames set off their coats so nicely!)

In between canine style sessions, the actress is keeping busy on the set of her upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation, "Safe Haven." She stars alongside Josh Duhamel as a young woman who arrives in a small North Carolina town and stirs suspicion about her past. The actress has been spotted sporting a brunette wig for the role, proving she looks good in basically everything.

We'd hate her if we didn't love her so much. Sigh.

Until next time, Crushers, stay out of the heat and have pleasant Tweet Dreams!

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