'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Pregnant

Jemima KirkeJemima Kirke, who plays bohemian goddess Jessa on the HBO series "Girls," is expecting her second bundle of joy, according to People! She and her husband, Michael Mosberg, are already the proud parents to a 20-month-old daughter, Rafaella Israel.

Jemima is currently filming the second season of the Lena Dunham-created show.

The actress confirmed the news to the New York Daily News on Wednesday at a screening of Woody Allen’s new film, "To Rome With Love." She even joked with the reporter that she might have to use a plant to cover an expanding baby bump as she works on the series.

The lifestyle of Jemima's free-spirited character, Jessa, is a far cry from her own, as a wife and mother, she recently told The Wall Street Journal. "My responsibilities are of an older person because I have the baby and the marriage and those things. So sometimes my problems can be heightened by the things I have to lose. In a way I kind of miss that a little bit, so I have the luxury of being able to be that girl again for an allotted time. I get to drop the whole mom/wife thing and be this confused girl. I get to act that out and I get into it and then I think, 'Thank God I'm not there right now!'"

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