'Fifty Shades': Casting Christian And Ana (Part 4)

Oh, who will play Ana and Christian in the highly anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey" film currently in the works? Sure, some people are far too willing to disrobe and get it on in the film based on E.L. James' novel about the kinky romance between a naïve young woman and her hottie billionaire beau. (And, yes, we’re looking at you Ian Somerhalder!)

So, instead of giving "The Vampire Diaries" star anymore ink as a potential candidate to play Christian, I'm going to throw another actor’s name in the Red Room of Pain. And, in the process try and find him a lady love to call his own.

Without further ado, I nominate "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth and Ian's co-star/girlfriend Nina Dobrev!

Chris Hemsworth as Christian

Um, well, have you seen him without his shirt on? We’d like to see more of him without his shirt on as he seduces Ana into doing all the things she never thought were on the relationship menu. Plus, everything sounds a bit more convincing with an Australian accent suggesting it (even if it's not 100 percent in keeping with the source material...).

Nina Dobrev as Ana

She already said she’d rather see He Who Will Not Be Named tie up and titillate his way through the film, but there’s something about Nina’s wide-eyed stare that gives us the impression she might actually be kind of perfect. She’s already endured tough love as Elena on “Vampire Diaries,” so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Though, given the physicality of what these two would be doing when the doors close, we advise some stretching.

Don't agree with my picks for Christian and Ana? Stay tuned all week as we reveal new pairs each day!