Peep The Cover For 'Shatter Me' Sequel, 'Unravel Me'!

When we last saw Juliette, she was killing people with a touch of her hand, breaking free from the evil Reestablishment and its nefarious plan to weaponize her, and falling hard into love where she never expected to find it...which is to say, we have been dying—DYING!—to know where she is now!

After the cliffhanger ending to last year's "Shatter Me," Tahereh Mafi's breakout novel about the girl whose touch is deadly, readers have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to this intoxicating series debut. And... alas, we don't have it. Yet. (It doesn't come out 'til February.) But! BUT! Y'know what we do have? The first, EXCLUSIVE look at the cover for "Unravel Me."

And oooooooooooh, it is amaaaaazing. This is an aesthetic change-up for the series, and we're digging it! And with that strikeout tagline—a clever throw to Juliette's inner monologue from the first book—there's no doubt that "Unravel Me" will open up a whole new world for the heroine as she finds her new home at Omega Point, meets other people with gifts like hers, and struggles to focus on her love for Adam even with the villainous Warner still out there. (And speaking of Warner: Don't miss the digital novella, "Destroy Me," (out in October) that offers a scary-sexy peek inside the mind of the man who tried to claim Juliette for his own...and that might just have you rethinking how you want this story to end.)

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