Justin Bieber's New Fragrance Includes...His Sweat?!

Justin Bieber sings about wanting to be your "Boyfriend" on his brand-new album, Believe, out this week, but as it turns out he wants you to smell like his Girlfriend.

In addition to dropping a whole set of new tunes, Justin is also releasing his new perfume named, well, Girlfriend. And when the singer stopped by the MTV studios on Tuesday night for "Bieber Live," he revealed the inspiration behind the scent and the oh-so-special secret ingredient that is sure to drive girls everywhere wild.

“Well, you know, I told [the perfume creators] they got to smell like all my fans all around the world,” he said. “Just a beautiful smell, something not too fruity, but nice and flowery...got a nice little maybe cherry scent in there."

In addition to touches of the berry, there are also hints of Bieber floating around in those bottles. Or, so he joked during the show: “There’s actually in each bottle of Girlfriend, it’s a little bit of my sweat. It’s a secret ingredient.”

This is Justin's second perfume on the market. In June 2011, he released Someday. "I just think that what we decided to do—making the fragrance for females, not getting a cologne for males—I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm more concerned about how girls smell 'cause I'm a guy, and I know what smells good, and I know what I like, so girls should know, if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it," he shared about his desire to make girls smell nice.

Will you be picking up a bottle of Girlfriend?

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