'Fifty Shades': Casting Christian And Ana (Part 3)

by Christina Garibaldi

It's day three of our Casting Christian and Ana feature, in which MTV News staffers reveal their actor picks for the steamy, blush-worthy flick "Fifty Shades of Grey." So far, we've picked a bloodsucking babe and some thesps with serious Oscar credentials, but today I am choosing two actors who've already expressed great interest in taking on these S&M roles.

My picks are none other than teen TV favorites Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale!

Ian as Christian

Ian Somerhalder screams Christian Grey—with his dark hair, smoldering stare and mysterious look, Ian embodies all that is the Seattle-based billionaire. Ian has been actively campaigning for the role, saying that playing Damon in "The Vampire Diaries" has been perfect training to take on the tycoon. He recently told us that because he plays a 170-year-old vampire he has "a lot of experience in seducing younger women." SOLD! Also, Ian isn’t afraid to take it off—before “Vampire Diaries” he starred in the HBO show “Tell Me You Love Me,” and even though it was short lived, Ian bared all. We suggest you check it out.

Lucy as Ana

Lucy Hale has many of the qualities that make up Anastasia. Not only does she have the dark hair, but at 23, she is just one year older than Ana. On “Pretty Little Liars,” Lucy plays Aria, a girl that starts a relationship with her English teacher (scandal!), so she already knows a little bit about falling in love with an older guy who has some flaws, and we know Christian has a long list of them. Lucy can definitely pull off the innocence that Ana portrays, but we have a feeling that she also can’t wait to let out her inner bad girl.

Don't agree with my picks for Christian and Ana? Stay tuned all week as we reveal new pairs each day!