'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Kingdom Of The Blind'

Pretty Little LiarsIt's official: Formerly blind Jenna knows that the "Pretty Little Liars" know what we know, namely that her corrective eye surgery worked and that she can see. Here's how it happened:

As you'll recall from last week's episode, once the liars learned the truth about Jenna's condition, they decided to keep the news to themselves to determine how they could best leverage it. For her part, Aria agreed to be Jenna's recital accompanist, and while the two were practicing she noticed a cryptic note in Jenna's flute case that said something about meeting an H. Cobb on Wednesday and bringing along ear plugs. And no, H. Cobb is not the newest screamo band but the name of a shooting range, where the girls tracked Jenna to. But instead of staying under cover, Hanna revealed herself to Jenna, who begged the four not to spill her secret because she was still in danger. (From what, I'm not sure.) She also told them about that night with Em, how she found her dazed in the middle of the road and was trying to drive her home when she jumped out of the car. So it wasn't Jenna who took her to the cemetery, after all... But who did?

Despite the new knowledge, Emily was still out of sorts this episode. When her exam grade came through as a 94 percent she was sure A was messing with her again. After all, she didn't even finish the test! When she told Mrs. Montgomery about it, though, she shrugged it off and told her not to worry. Emily confided to Ezra about what Ella had done, and when it looked like Ella might get a talking to (or worse!) for her "preferential grading," Ezra stepped in, shouldering the blame. Overall, Emily was incredible mature throughout the whole situation. How many high-schoolers would protest a passing grade they knew they didn't deserve? Kudos, Em!

Now, answer me this: Were you as confused about Melissa's miscarriage as I was? When she first appeared on screen looking as svelte as ever, I racked my brain trying to remember if she'd already had her baby. Did I miss the miscarriage news during the last two eps? Whatever the case, Melissa lost her baby—that is if she was truly pregnant at all. With a little sleuthing, Spencer discovered that Melissa hadn't checked into the hospital when she said she did, that in fact, she and their mom had stayed three extra days at a hotel. What were they doing? Perhaps Melissa was convincing mom to represent Garrett, because Mrs. Hastings announced to her daughters that she had taken on his case. Of course, Spencer was furious. But in even more salacious news, little sis also started to suspect that Garrett—not Ian—had been the father of Melissa's baby. Remember his ominous words about medical records?

Hanna spent a great deal of the episode going back and forth to Radley, and what she discovered was a mostly back-to-her-old-self Mona (albeit thirsty and gum-less). But Hanna still wasn't happy with Mona, especially when the erstwhile A made this gruesome request: "So tell me, did they ever find what's left of Alison?" Things got even weirder when Hanna spotted an increasingly erratic Lucas at the hospital, presumably visiting Mona. He explained that he was there to keep an eye on her: "It's better for a lot of people if Mona stays crazy." Oh, Lucas. Come back to us, please! We don't like this new emo version.

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