Cam Gigandet Joins Catherine Hardwicke's New Thriller

Aww, look! It's a teeny-tiny "Twilight" reunion on Catherine Hardwicke's new thriller-in-production, "Plush."

Variety is reporting that Cam Gigandet, who played a villainous vampire in the very first "Twilight" film, is officially on board for the male lead in this new supernatural suspense movie. Cam will play opposite Emily Browning, portraying a psychic psychologist who sees into his patients' pasts in order to help them heal. (So, in other words, he's probably the only psychologist in the world who neither needs nor wants you to tell him more about How That Makes You Feel, right? You could just lie on the couch and let him dig around in your head! And even take a nap, probably!)

No word on whether Cam went through the normal audition process for his upcoming role or whether Catherine saw something in his performance as sadistic tracker James to make him a likely candidate, but it's exciting to see the two flicks-in-Forks alums back in business together! And since this story looks to be a bit more mature than their recent projects—the last film we saw Catherine direct was the sexy revamp of kiddie tale "Red Riding Hood," and Cam has been making a name for himself on teen fare like "The Roommate" and "Easy A"—we're psyched to see how the two collaborate on something supernatural for the more grownup set.

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