Style Superstar: Emma Stone Is A Fashion Superhero

There's nothing basic about the black-and-white in this week's Style Superstar running! Two lovely ladies starring in two great movies hit up their respective premieres in high-contrast ensembles featuring one of the fashion world's most favorite classic color combos. But where one of these looks combined unexpected elegance with some frisky accents, the other just kinda went...poof. Who's in the spotlight this week?

Emma Stone has probably taken home Style Superstar honors more than any other young Hollywood lady, and there's a reason: Girlfriend can dress like a champ. Her Fendi cocktail dress at the "Amazing Spider-Man" premiere in Seoul, South Korea, was a fun alternative to the flowing gowns that stars often opt to wear for events like these, and the leather epaulets carry the look right over the line from flirty to fierce. Add in some funky shoes (seriously digging the pointed toe and white sole) and a pop of pink on her lips, and Emma has once again claimed Style Superstardom.

And in other black-and-white news: "Rock of Ages" might rock'n'roll all night, but Julianne Hough's ensemble at the London premiere made us want to send her home with no afterparty. The flouncy white sleeves on her Valentino dress are a distracting addition (and, uh, considering the neckline, the fact that the sleeves are distracting is really saying something). But the classic sexy vibe of the rest of the dress is a winner, and Julianne's dance-ready figure can't be beat; here's hoping she puts it in something a little less 1980s prom for her next appearance.

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