Malin Akerman's Real-Life 'Rock Of Ages'

by Meredith Goldberg-Morse

Malin Akerman plays a Rolling Stone writer in the musical ode to leather pants and gravity-defying hair known as "Rock of Ages," but the actress could have just as easily portrayed one of the film's chanteuses, thanks to her time as a frontwoman for an alt-rock band. Malin sat down with MTV News to discuss her musical past and how the power ballads hit close to home.

"I kind of stumbled upon a couple of Italian boys who were musicians, and they asked me to write some lyrics for them and that turned into, 'Why don’t you front the band?’ which is crazy because I’d never sang before in my life,” Malin explained of her foray into the world of rock 'n' roll. (We, for one, would like some detailed instructions on how to casually “stumble upon” a group of Italian musicians.)

Jealousy aside, while Malin eventually chose to pursue acting over music, she still has plenty of experience to inform her role—not to mention a husband who could provide any necessary pointers.

“We met in our band together; he was my drummer and that’s how we met. So we’ve had a bit of musical background together,” she explained of her love story, which sounds worthy of its own Broadway-hit-turned-blockbuster.

And as for the singing? "That was a completely new challenge," the actress admitted, despite her considerable experience. "I have to say, though, I’d seen the Broadway show twice before I even knew about the film. I love this music. It’s my kind of music, so it really pulled a chord and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Now excuse us while we attempt to hunt down some Italian musicians while simultaneously trying to get "Don’t Stop Believin'" out of our heads.

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