Anna Kendrick Hits All The Right Notes In 'Pitch Perfect' Trailer

Anna KendrickOn a professional note, the brand new trailer for "Pitch Perfect"—the movie that stars Anna Kendrick as a reluctant superstar in the cutthroat world of college a cappella—is delightful, engaging, funny and full of promising appearances by a fair few of our most faaavorite favorite young Hollywood folks, including Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVin, and even Anna "Mrs. Reverend Newlin on 'True Blood'" Camp!

...And on a personal note, the brand new trailer for "Pitch Perfect" is so awesome that I, who am not just a Hollywood Crush blogger but also a devoted alumnus of college a cappella, literally cannot watch it without grinning like a madman, squealing like a baby pig and peeing in my pants just a little. (Okay, a lot.) (Okay, seriously, not even bothering to wear pants for the rest of the day due to reverberating effects of this trailer.)

"Pitch Perfect" features Anna—who, in case you were wondering, can sing like the BUSINESS—as Beca, a newly arrived college freshman and not really a "joiner," who nevertheless ends up guilted by a naked friend into joining up with the local lady a cappella group. And no, this isn't a "Glee" redux; "Pitch Perfect" is a whole lot saltier, coming straight from the delightfully sick mind of the man who wrote Broadway hit "Avenue Q," also known as the best musical ever to feature puppets having sex onstage. Add in Rebel Wilson's performance as Fat Amy ("You call yourself 'Fat Amy'?"—"Yeah, so tweaked bitches like you don't do it behind my back!"), a competing group full of vocally talented male hotties, and lots and lots of wicked musical arrangements (try listening to the girls bust out an all-vocal version of "No Diggity" without experiencing a moment of jaw-dropping awe), and we (okay, I) can't wait to be front-row for the first look at "Pitch Perfect" on October 5.

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