'The Host' First Look: Jake Abel Is Ian

For those waiting in tense anticipation for a glimpse at the other central romance in new Stephenie Meyer novel-turned-movie "The Host," it's a very good day: two brand new stills have been released with all the infectious force of...well, of an alien race taking over the planet's human bodies. And after taking a gander, all we can say is this: never has a spectral extraterrestrial love quadrangle looked so motherfranking sexy.

We'd already gotten a peek at some shots of Saoirse Ronan in her dual role (and sporting the telltale penumbra in her glowing irises that says E.T. is in the building), but this was the first look at Jake Abel in his role as Ian, who falls in love not with Melanie-the-actual-human, but with Wanda, the parasitic consciousness infecting her. (Parasites. So hot right now.)

And the new stills deliver a couple bonuses: a wonderfully bleak landscape that promises plenty of post-apocalyptic sci-fi scrumptiousness for the characters to wander through, along with a single shot of Jake looking appropriately exhausted and tattered their underground desert hideyhole.

Click on the images above to take a gander at our entire "The Host" flipbook!

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