Selena Gomez Says 'Spring Breakers' Will Shock You

Ever since the first photos surfaced of Selena Gomez pulling faces and wearing handcuffs for her bikini-clad role in "Spring Breakers," there's been little question that the actress was driving her family-friendly career into some saltier territory. And when MTV News caught up with her recently, Selena confirmed what many suspected: that fans might be doing a leetle pearl-clutching when they see the finished product in theaters...assuming, of course, that they're old or savvy enough to sneak past the film's likely R rating.

"I actually just saw some of it less than two weeks ago, and it's definitely gonna be different for people," said Selena. And while she's psyched about the upcoming release in 2013, she admitted to being a teensy bit nervous about shattering her good-girl image in such a public way.

"Originally it was supposed to be this little independent that I did, to kind of just work with amazing people," she said of the film, which at the outset wasn't planned for a wide distribution in theaters. "But now it's going to be everywhere, so I'm a little nervous about it."

But Selena also said that career-wise, she'd been looking for a role just like this one to help her break out of her Disney-fied shell and move on to more adult territory. "Honestly, it's the right step for me, I'm really proud of it." And, she added, "as an actress it really challenged me."

So, what is in store for audiences who want to check out "Spring Breakers"? The rumors are flying about just how sordid the film's content really is, with talk of everything from sex and nudity to drugged-up crime sprees and public urination. But Selena didn't offer details, except to say that whatever happens, it's gonna be discussion-worthy... and definitely not in the same way as "Wizards of Waverly Place."

"People will be a little shocked, I think," she said, grinning.

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