'Rock Of Ages' Star Julianne Hough On Her Favorite Wigged-Out Mishap

Truth: The more dancing in any given movie, the more likely it is that there's a secret cache of hilarious failed takes in which the moves just didn't quite come off. Faceplants, falls, wardrobe malfunctions—the unintentional slapstick goes on and on. And in "Rock of Ages," which involves a whole lotta singing, dancing and shaking of moneymakers to hair-band hits, there's just got to be a whole other movie's worth of mess-ups hidden away somewhere, just waiting to entertain us...right, Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough?

"Actually, there is a blooper reel," Julianne confirmed. "It'll be on the DVD, I'm sure."

And from all the botched scenes, the actress recalled one particularly memorable moment (that we're hoping makes the cut on the blooper real, because it sounds epic):

"I was doing this pretty sexy scene with Tom, and I had a three-quarter-piece wig on," she remembered. "And I'm dancing, and I'm being really sexy and singing and whipping my hair around—and all of a sudden, it just flies off and goes right into the camera. We couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes."

Which, we can probably all agree, is much better than a boring faceplant! Although considering the amount of fake hair worn in this movie, the only thing more surprising than Julianne's wig-related mishap is that it only happened once.

"Rock of Ages" dances into theaters on Friday.

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