Olivia Wilde Reaffirms Our Girl Crush

We've been fans of Olivia Wilde since her days sucking face with Marissa Cooper on "The O.C.," and we unabashedly made our affections official last July by naming the actress our Girl Crush. Clearly, she can do no wrong in our eyes, but it's always nice to have our feelings reinforced from time to time. Exhibit A: Olivia's wonderfully good-natured, self-effacing Twitter response to an otherwise asinine question.

As a fellow member of the Fiveheads of America Club, I couldn't be more proud of our little group's classy spokeswoman. (I bet Tyra is too.)

You can catch Olivia (bigass forehead and all) next in the warm and fuzzy "People Like Us," which co-stars Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks and hits theaters June 29.

Until next time, we wish you all the Tweet Dreams!

Are you a fan of Olivia's? Do you plan to see "People Like Us"? Sound off in the comments and, of course, Twitter!