'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Blood Is The New Black'

Pretty Little LiarsI've never been big on baubles myself, but I have to believe many girls have daydreamed about receiving a plush-lined box from a certain secret admirer. Though, I also suspect, they never pictured it filled with human teeth!

Such was the case for Emily during last night's "Pretty Little Liars" as she discovered a necklace of chompers in her backpack. The strand's beads menacingly spelled out, "Dead Girls Can't Smile." Em—rightfully—dashed out of class with the liars hot on her heels. Crammed into a single bathroom stall, the four debated what they should do with the evidence, when butterfingers prevailed and it took a dive into the toilet. And thanks to that pesky auto-flush (darn you, Advanced Bathroom Technology!), the necklace was sent swimming into the sewers of Rosewood. Gosh, these girls are destroying evidence now without even trying! Resolving to get answers, Hanna promised to visit Mona while Spencer said she'd make another trip to the jail to see Garrett.

In less life-threatening issues, Emily needed to make up (and pass) four tests from her junior year if she wanted to officially be a senior. Aria suggested she work with Mr. Fitz Ezra He Who Shall Not Be Named to prepare, when something caught her attention in the school corridor. That something was her dad's former mistress, Meredith. She was interviewing for an open position at Rosewood High. It's so convenient that everyone in Aria's life works in education, isn't it?

Spencer kept her word and went to visit Garrett, a trip that was largely unsuccessful save for his revelation that Ali's remains would have proven him innocent because "medical records don't lie." But whose medical records? Ali's? Or Jenna's? Spencer was becoming increasingly suspicious of Jenna, especially after Aria's remark that she seemed "blinder" than last year.

Hanna's sit-down with Mona wasn't any better, leading Hanna to toss a chair across the room out of frustration. Wren swooped in to smooth things over, divulging that he understood as his own father had been in a mental institution.

At school the next day, Aria found a note in her locker. Well, not so much a note as an earring in an envelope. Cue the flashback! Aria and Ali had found the earring in her dad's office and considered it proof that he hadn't ended his affair with Meredith. They trashed his office to make it look like a scorned lover's handiwork. And, in a weird twist, Aria put the earrings in Ali's casket before she was buried. Of course, it was only a matter of time before A used this secret against Aria somehow, and after she received a threatening text, she confessed her misdeed to her dad, who insisted she apologize to Meredith. Which she did, but Mer also provided a stunning revelation: it wasn't her earring. Was dear old dad sleeping with more than one woman? And if so, whom?

Spencer's mom found out she was visiting Garrett at the jail and told her never to go back. But, of course, this is Spencer we're talking about, and after Toby uncovered eye drops hinting that Jenna's surgery may have actually been successful, she wanted to get confirmation from Garrett. But before she could go in to see him, she saw her mom leaving the jail. Mrs. Hastings is representing Garrett? He wouldn't confirm.

After multiple tutoring sessions with Ezra, Emily was ready to take her first make up test. But during the exam, Emily's memory of her foggy cemetery trip was triggered and she realized it had been Jenna driving the car. Wow! The ephiphany caused her to neglect the rest of the test, which with only five minutes left, I'm not sure how she'd only made it through the first 15 questions. Anyway, we later saw Aria's mom (who had administered the test) filling in the blanks. Obviously, that will come back to bite Ella.

Sensing something was up with Hanna, Caleb finally confronted her about her distractedness over the past few days. She told him she had been thinking about visiting Mona. He agreed to accompany her. Unfortunately, Wren let it spill to Caleb that Hanna had been coming for weeks. But a little betrayal on Hanna's part may have been worth it as she had a mini breakthrough with Mona: "You're getting them again. The texts," Mona said, before being interrupted by the end of visiting hours. Now, what she plans to do with those tweezers Hanna accidentally left behind is another question.

One (finally) answered question? Jenna is definitely not blind. In the closing moments of last night's episode, the girls set her up in the bathroom, leaving the mysterious earring on the sink and hiding in the stalls to see if Jenna would spot it. Which she did. Now they know something Jenna doesn't know they know! How will they use it to their advantage?

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