Emma Stone Dashes Our Hopes For Shirtless Gosling In 'Gangster Squad'

Friends, it is a sad day here at Hollywood Crush. A day that will live in infamy. A day of nationwide mourning. A day when...when...when Emma Stone sat down with MTV News, looked us in the eyes and told us that the upcoming "Gangster Squad" contains only a single, fleeting instance of shirtlessness for the star whose rock-hard hotness inspired us to form the Ryan Gosling Naked Pecs Appreciation Society. I'm sorry, I just...EXCUSE ME, I CAN'T.

*Flees room sobbing hysterically.*

And alas, it's true:

"Only one scene. There's only one," Emma confirmed, when Josh Horowitz asked how much topless awesomeness we might see from Ryan in his role as an LAPD sergeant in the 1950s. "And there's no Photoshop references, 'cause it's 1949."

Damn! Double damn! But Emma, after doing an adorable Katherine Hepburn-esque interpretation of that famous scene from "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and also briefly touching upon Ryan's penchant for public acts of heroism ("Eighteen," she replied, when asked how many times she's witnessed him saving the life of another human being), assured us that even without copious footage of our favorite actor's naked torso, "Gangster Squad" is still excellent in its own right.

"Yes! Very, very cool," she gushed in response to a question about whether she'd seen the final product yet. "I don't know that I saw the ultimate finished version, but it was really, really, really cool."

Well, okay. We really, really, really hope so! Because listen, Hollywood—and please, don't take this the wrong way—but as president and co-founder of the Ryan Gosling Naked Pecs Appreciation Society, if you don't deliver some quality filmmaking in exchange for the lack of shirtless Ryan, no amount of charming antics from Emma will save you from our wrath.

Will you see "Gangster Squad" when it hits theaters September 7—even knowing about the movie's sad lack of shirtlessness? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!