'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' First Look: It's Renesmee!

Mackenzie FoyIf you've been dying to get an advance look at little Renesmee Cullen, the rapid-growing spawn of the newlywed Edward and Bella whose traumatic birth concluded the penultimate film in the series and who will finally (finally!) make her big appearance in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," then Entertainment Weekly has a little treat for you over on Facebook: a sneak-peeky family portrait of the Cullens, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson keeping close parental watch on the mysterious daughter who's making her debut in the magazine this week! Just click the Like button, and then feast your eyes on the first media glimpse of Renesmee.

...And we do mean "glimpse." You can only see, like, one-sixteenth of the child in this photo—it's less a full-on portrait than it is some hair, an eyeball, and part of a leg. (Wait, is that her leg?)

But it's better than nothing! Which is pretty much what we've had up to this point; Renesmee has been one of the enduring mysteries in the world of "Twilight" movie adaptations, with actress Mackenzie Foy glimpsed only in brief flash-forward by the love-drunk Jacob in the first "Breaking Dawn" film. And with the production still keeping her well under wraps in the year leading up to the final film in the saga, we're psyched to see the vampire-human hybrid finally ready for her close-up!

UPDATE: Here's the full EW cover with Mackenzie Foy front and center!

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