Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta Talk Worst 'Rock Of Ages' Outfits

With "Rock of Ages" out in theaters this Friday, it's about time for Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough to start thinking about their next move, line up a few more projects and generally move on from their moment of rock'n'roll, hair-band nostalgia. Only as you can see from this interview with the stars, Diego just isn't quite ready to stop believin' or let go of that feeeeeeeeeeelin'... when it comes to attending the school of rock.

"I had so much fun," he said. "The saddest moment was wrapping this film. I just want to stay in that moment and never leave!"

At which point MTV News' Amy Wilkinson pointed out the obvious: that in said moment, Diego was decked out in a pretty intense 1980s boy band outfit, sooooo...

"Not the boy band outfit!" Diego shrieked, setting a new record for on-camera reversals of recent statements. "Nooooooo!"

Hey, wow, dude. Tell us how you really feel! Which he did, adding, "I think it's the worst outfit in the movie. It even beats her bikini thing."

Which, in a movie that boasts some of the most jaw-droppingly insane outfits to appear on screen this year, is really saying something! Although Julianne, who took one for the team in a high-waisted 1980s string bikini, might not be ready to rescind the Worst Outfit title so readily—especially after hungry photographers splashed photos of her wearing said bikini all over the internet during the film's first week of production.

"It was the first day of shooting, there was literally paparazzi everywhere," Julianne remembered. "And all those pictures surfaced of us making out, [me] in the bikini... I don't have fond memories of that bikini bottom."

But, she added, that wasn't even the worst thing she wore for her "Rock of Ages" role; that title goes to a later ensemble, as Julianne said, "The worst one of all time—it's the worst and the best—was at the very end of the movie. It's the white, Steve Perry-inspired tails suit jacket."

The best and the worst, indeed. But mostly the best, right? ...Right? I mean, just curious! It's not that we got you one for your birthday or anything! (OMG BUT WE TOTALLY DID.)

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