Christian 'Fifty Shades Of' Grey May Spank You A Second Time

Fifty Shades of GreyIf you plowed through recent erotica phenomenon "Fifty Shades of Grey" and wound up, much like the hapless heroine of the trilogy, frantically titillated and begging for more, don't go retiring your flogger just yet! Because rumor has it, according to Gatecrasher, that author E.L. James is pondering a return to the same sexy story...only this time, from the point of view of billionaire Christian Grey. (Think of it as an S&M version of Stephenie Meyer's "Midnight Sun"...)

Needless to say, this news provokes a whole lot of questions. Like: Can this material sustain a second go-round through the spanking machine? Heck, can its readers? And what'll they call it—"Grey of 50 Shades"? "50 More Shades of Grey"? "The Billionaire Playboy's Guide To Angry Grab-A--"? ...Okay, obviously it'll be that last one. But most importantly: Would you want to revisit this story from the perspective of the man wielding the riding crop? No, really, tell us! Vote in our poll after the jump!

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