Lea Michele Finishes Up 'Dorothy Of Oz'

With "Glee" on hiatus until the fall, songstress Lea Michele is turning her attention to another musical project: her upcoming animated movie "Dorothy of Oz," in which she voices the titular heroine.

The film picks up right where "The Wizard of Oz" left off, with Dorothy returning to Kansas—that is, until her new-found friends Scarecrow, Tin Man and (formerly Cowardly) Lion go missing. (And for those not in the know, ADR stands for "additional dialogue recording," meaning filmmakers are putting the finishing touches on the movie, which is due out sometime next year.)

We gave you your first look at the adorably drawn Dorothy nearly a year ago with an exclusive still straight from San Diego Comic-Con, and much like Lea, we can't wait to see the film in its full-length glory!

We'll be visiting Oz in our Tweet Dreams tonight!

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