At Last, Lost 'Hunger Games' Tributes Speak!

It doesn't matter whether you've read all five three books in the series from cover to cover and then some; even the most die-hard "Hunger Games" fans will be shocked and amazed when they feast their eyeballs on this brand-new, After Hours clip. Because here, for the first time in public, are some Panem citizens you might have missed: the movie's SECRET LOST TRIBUTES. Secret tributes like Chris Colfer, Chloe Moretz, ?uestlove, Max Greenfield and Jean-Claude Van Damme—who might not have gotten the screen time they deserved when the film hit theaters, but whose commitment to all things Hunger Gamey was nonetheless unassailable!

...Sorry, what's that? These people were never anywhere near "The Hunger Games"? Well, if that's true, then maybe you should explain how Max Greenfield got so good at balloon-animal survival techniques, huh? YEAH. THAT'S WHAT WE THOUGHT.

Thanks to the skinny from the Games' lost tributes, we've learned things never previously known about just how it all went down in the arena—from "Hunger Games" hair-care routines to the presence of a fantabulous DJ spinning tunes during the bloodbath at the cornucopia. (Which, strangely, didn't make the final cut; said ?uestlove, "I guess they thought that DJ-ing while kids were murdering each other was kind of inappropriate... I don't see it." Nor do we, sir!) And with Amber Rose finally breaking the silence on her presence in the movie as a master-of-disguise...well, let's put it this way: Are you 100 percent sure that was Wes Bentley playing Seneca Crane?

Because we're not. Like, at all.