'Girls' Recap: 'Leave Me Alone'

GirlsThere's nothing like seeing a rival succeed where you haven't to put your life into harsh perspective. Such was the case for Hannah on last night's "Girls," in which she was faced with attending college nemesis Tally's book party for her recently published memoir. Hannah couldn't help but bemoan Tally's "luck" at her boyfriend committing suicide in a vintage car while doped up on Percocet. I mean, that story basically writes itself...

...A sentiment Tally so humbly threw in Hannah's face. "It just really poured out of me," she purred about the memoir, or as she so eloquently put it, her "water-birthed truth." Not everyone was falling for Tally's Fresh Air-approved work: Hannah ran into her former English professor Powell Goldman (played by Michael Imperioli), who admitted Tally was a crummy writer and that Hannah was far superior. He invited her to read at an event he was organizing later in the week. Hannah wasn't so sure.

Marnie, however, was all for Hannah participating in the reading, but wasn't so keen about her highlighting her hoarder essay. As they discussed the merits of the work, Adam buzzed into the apartment all Kramer style, telling Hannah he would not attend the reading because those things never serve meat.

In another one of Shoshanna's all-too-brief appearances, she told Jessa that Tally's book had inspired her to really start living her life, which in Shoshanna speak meant filling out an online dating profile (not on Match because everyone on that site is ugly) and going on her first day date. Jessa decided to make a change too—redecorating her and Shoshanna's apartment.

As Jessa moved around couches and fussed with the interior, a knock came at the door. It was former employer Katherine, who surprisingly didn't come to beat Jessa up for her flirtation with her husband. I appreciated that she was mature enough to realize it was her husband's mistake, not Jessa's, all the while still having dreams about cutting Jessa into pieces and eating her. She asked Jessa to come back to the girls, but Jessa made it clear she couldn't. Katherine left her with one piece of advice: "You're getting into dramas to distract from who you want to be." Truer words.

Hannah did go to the reading, but eschewed her hoarder essay for something she wrote on the subway. Something about death, which was clearly inspired by all the attention Tally seemed to be getting over her own melancholy memoir. Former Professor was not impressed and said he had wished Hannah had went with her gut and read the original.

At home, Hannah tried to talk to Marnie about the reading, but she would have none of it. "As it happens, I'm not always in the mood to talk to you," Marnie said, as the discussion devolved into a huge fight over Marnie paying all the bills and who, indeed, was the wound. By its end, the two decided they no longer wanted to live together—a revelation which seemed to come on quick like. The question remains: Who will have them? (Because let's face it, Marnie and Hannah are kind of perfect for each other.)

What did you think of last night's "Girls"? Do you think Hannah and Marnie will really part ways as roomies? Will we see who Shoshanna had a day date with? How will Hannah fare as a barista? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!