Jackson Rathbone Takes A Cue From Katniss Everdeen

You guys, we're pretty sure Jackson Rathbone is trying to tell us something. Our view is obstructed by a blinding white light, but we're convinced he's going Katniss Everdeen on us—if that bow and sheath of arrows we see on his person are any indication.

Okay, okay, maybe we just got a little excited. Before we all hop aboard the train to turn this studly "Twilight" vampire into a "Catching Fire" tribute, we should probably point out the text that tells us he's filming "Aim High."

The web series centers on high school student Nick Green (Jackson) who leads a double life as a teenage spy. He's trained to go undercover as a secret government assassin and take down evil terrorists. Pretty cool, huh? We're thinking those might just be his latest weapons, but you never know, Katniss could've been his inspiration!

Don't worry though, Twilighters, Jackson isn't trading in his golden eyes just yet. We recently caught up with Jackson at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards where he felt so grateful to fans for voting for "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" to nab Movie of the Year for the fourth year in a row. "As we're wrapping up, to have so much love still and you gave us a four-peat, so thank you," he said. "That's something that not a lot of people can say."

We're hoping to see Jackson's bow and arrow moves soon in our Tweet Dreams!

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