Style Superstar: Julianne Hough Rocks The Red Carpet

We love when A-list stars have movies coming out. Normally reclusive types, like Kristen

Stewart or Angelina Jolie, suddenly emerge from hiding to hit red carpets in Los Angeles, New York and London, as well as stump on talk shows, at press conferences and other buzz-worthy events. Though not as high-profile or, let’s face it, reclusive as some, dancer/singer/actress/Seacrest-arm-candy Julianne Hough worked her little tail off all week to promote the opening of her movie musical "Rock of Ages." And jeez, did she work it! Julianne’s bright turquoise heels at an NYC "Rock of Ages" screening, black lace cut-out dress at the MTV Movie Awards and an Angelina-worthy thigh-high slit at Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards were all impressive. Keep reading to find out which look has us singing her praises, and which was way off-key.

The CFDA Awards are like the Academy Awards of the fashion world. Most people were focused on the night’s big winners, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but we couldn’t take our eyes off Ms. Hough. Her stunning lady in red look, courtesy of a beautiful Kaufman Franco gown, stood out for its plunging neckline, flattering fit and minimal accessorizing. Love, love, love it.

It’s a cardinal rule of Tinseltown that bad clothes happen to good people. Julianne was doing so well until this...thing at a Miami "Rock of Ages" event. Leather mini-dresses are a great trend, as are royal blue frocks and asymmetric necklines. Put all together, with one sleeve that looks like it came off the costume rejects from "Footloose," and this took Julianne’s lovely track record from cute to catastrophe. Maybe she was tired from her full week of playing dress-up, maybe she was over-influenced by flashy Miami fashion, but here’s hoping this is a one-off mistake rather than a new stylistic direction.

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